When I tell my personal stories, my friends and acquaintances  always tell me, “You should write a book!” These types of comments are  always followed after I had tell them one or two chapters in my drama filled life. But apparently my stories are  different than anything they have experienced and also entertaining.

I always wondered later, if they really meant what they said and why my life experiences were so interesting to them. But before I even got that question out of my head, I knew part of that answer – people like adventure, drama, stories, even if they were from someone like me.

I like telling my stories and seeing people’s reactions, I find it entertaining to see folks that see me as a petite, pretty, innocent, and kindhearted woman, suddenly react in horror to imagine me in the precarious and bizarre situations I ended up in. I often laughed and made fun of my misfortunes, but it would make them even more amazed. Why? I wondered again?

So let me explain why I now feel compelled to write after these years of waiting.

My stories, though bizarre, adventurous, uplifting, and entertaining, left me unfulfilled.  If I was going to write a book, I wanted to write something that was meaningful, inspiring maybe, even helpful.  A book of crazy life stories didn’t do it for me.

Now I know why I had to wait. There were chapters in my life that were un-experienced, that would leave me with an awakening in my consciousness that tied my stories and experiences together. The interesting thing is that the most recent of experiences are also, probably, the most bizarre and unbelievable.