Sharing from the heart for truth and transformation.

Claiming Your Inner Truth

Truth isn’t always pretty, but it’s always amazing.” Rose Marie

What I do.

I write from the heart, I feel into yours.

I have this weird type of intuition that gives me a “feeling” knowledge about others, where I experience your pain but it’s on an emotional level rather than a physical level.

I know about anger and frustrations. I’ve been to the depths of despair and the heights of ecstasy, yet I still ask “why?” I’ve had divorces, been heartbroken, imprisoned, destitute, and furious. I’ve lost friends, family and pets to disease and unimaginable circumstances that made no sense (at the time). I’ve also had bizarre and amazing adventures in countries around the globe, had near death experiences, and found love in the most amazing ways.

I listen closely, and respond gently and firmly. I want to be there for you while you sort out those niggling questions about the truth of your circumstances and experiences, even the truth about this existence. I want to see you thrive in your own daily life as you make sense out of your drama/traumas.

You’ll find that I am sometimes inspired, sometimes funny, sometimes caustic and cynical. I like to laugh and have fun with these processes and engagements. I like learning together. I like having friends and extended family. If you’ve read this far, then I probably sound a lot like you. Having kindred sisters and misters is the way I learn. Let’s talk, walk, and ride together on the journey of inner truth, so we can make sense of our world. The goal: To know yourself – your inner truth. To know and understand others in order to make amazing transformations in your own life and in your world. We are all connected by truth and love.

Rose Marie