5 Healthy Items You MUST Have in Your Cupboard

I love finding simple and easy solutions to health issues and of course cost effective solutions are even better. There are so many ways to get healthy and sometimes they are right in your cupboard.

1) BAKING SODA – This is a simple, inexpensive and excellent product no household should be without. Baking soda is so important for a variety of reasons, there are even books on it! Besides being a great antacid, (most people already know about), it has many other wonderful uses. I buy big 13.5 pound bags from a local superstore so I never run out! The big bags have a whole list of uses, so be sure to read.

Homemade tooth powder. Baking soda is excellent mixed with sea salt in lieu of toothpaste with fluoride and chemicals. Three parts soda to one part sea salt is a great mix. If you want to add more flavor, just add two to six drops of a preferred essential oil like peppermint or wintergreen or cinnamon. For more cohesiveness, add some glycerin or coconut oil and mix well. Wonderful breath freshener too and it’s much cheaper than buying expensive toothpaste.

Skin soother. As a child my mother often had her six children bath and/or soak in a bath with baking soda, (not all of us at the same time) especially when we had chiggers, bug bites, sunburn or itchy skin. It is wonderful for acne too. Mix a ¼ teaspoon of baking soda with a few drops of white vinegar to make a thick paste and dab on the pimples.

Cleaning agent. Baking soda is excellent as a cleaning agent too and can really make pots, pans, and sinks shine! Simply mix with a little water and scrub. It’s non-scratch for porcelain or stove tops too! For extra cleaning, add white vinegar and melt away grease and grime naturally.


2) Hydrogen Peroxide. Most folks have a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide in the cupboard for putting on cuts and disinfecting wounds. But how many actually use it for gargle or rinsing their mouths? It is a great disinfectant for your mouth each day and adds the added benefit of whitening your teeth. I have switched from the store bought peroxide and now only use the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. This is a very strong solution and must be diluted before using, but it does not have any of the chemical or water additives that is in the store bought 3% dilution. I keep large bottles in my refrigerator and make small spray bottle dilutions that I keep on my sinks. I use the spray in my mouth and on my hands and I also spray it on the sinks, handles, counter tops, cutting boards and door knobs for disinfecting those areas too. It is a much better, natural disinfectant than bleach, and of course it is much safer. One of the best benefits is the lack of odor like any other disinfectant product out there. Hydrogen peroxide is so safe, so simple and so clean.

3) Oregano and oregano oil. Oregano is excellent for its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. The Italians have long used the spice for centuries in cooking, but also for natural immune system health. If you feel you are coming down with some ailment and want to boost your immune system, take a tablespoon of oregano and make a tea out of it. Brew it for at least 7 minutes to get the oil released from the herb, strain and sip. It can also be used topically for wounds as well. I prefer using pure oregano essential oil. I use it on the bottoms of my feet to keep my immune system healthy and ward off bacterial or viral infections. It smells strongly and can have a burning sensation, so that’s only one reason I use it on my feet. The oil goes into the blood stream rapidly on the bottoms of the feet, and I usually add a little castor oil to help it go in. An added benefit is that if you have any warts, athlete’s foot, or fungus growth you will most likely see a great improvement with the use of oregano essential oil.

4) Coconut Oil. If you don’t have this item in your cupboard, it’s high time you got some. Pure organic coconut oil has so many uses, that again, a small book is warranted. Coconut oil is excellent for cooking. It can take more heat than just about any other oil without putting out harmful trans fatty acids because it does not break down very easily. Pure coconut oil is also excellent for skin softening and hair conditioning. It absorbs quickly into the skin and is not as greasy as you would think. I love using it after a shower and it works well as a deodorant too. (I add a drop of lavender essential oil for a fresh scent). Taken internally it provides wonderful MCFA’s which are medium chain fatty acids. MCFA’s are some of the same nutrients that are in breast milk. So taking a tablespoon or two per day would be an important part of excellent health providing immune building. If you don’t like the idea of oil in your mouth, just add it to a smoothie, peanut butter or almond butter.

5) Castor Oil. Most people were raised taking either castor oil or cod liver oil when they were growing up for making sure they were cleansed and having daily constitutionals. Although I still believe Castor oil is excellent for that purpose, the other uses I have found are just as important. Castor oil has been shown to be an excellent solution for scars. I have seen large scars disappear over a short period of time when a castor oil pack is placed on the scar each day for 20 to 40 minutes. Pure castor oil which can be obtained at the health food store is probably best, especially if used with pure cotton or wool flannel as a pack. Just be sure to keep the castor oil clear of good clothes or sheets, as it will stain. Just pour about 1 tablespoon of castor oil on the cotton or wool flannel and place it on the area or scar. Then place a piece of plastic over the pack and apply some type of heat like a hot water bottle or heating pad. Relax for the 20-40 minutes. Castor oil is also excellent as a pack on the colon or gall bladder for assisting in the detoxification of those areas (and you don’t have to drink it to make it work!)

Now that you know about these five products for excellent health that may have just been sitting there in your cupboard, you can make much better use of them and feel confident that your health is improving.

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