Crumbs in the Light Lead to Love in the Dark

Crumbs. I wiped up the kitchen in the bright light. Flipped the switch and went to bed. Crawled into bed to find my love in the dark mess of covers. It’s a mid-summer night and the evening light is still fading. My husband is already asleep, so I get up quietly and pad softly into the kitchen for a drink of water.

The little night light on the sink casts its shadows across the countertop displaying the crumbs and streaks I missed when wiping up earlier. Funny, the big bright light overhead didn’t show me those crumbs or streaks.

Sometimes the dim light, the shadowed light reveals the hidden dirt in our lives. We go through life feeling we are always under scrutiny and under the big spot light but the hidden truth of our lives usually reveals itself when the light is dim in the local bar or bedroom.

Still, both dark and light are our true selves, just aspects of the inner being that learns and shares on different stages. The big stage is where we are most viewed, displaying ourselves as strong, beautiful, confident, helpful, motivated, supportive.

Behind the curtain we display our weaknesses, our fears and worthlessness. We become the self that has doubts and questions, who lacks confidence. Yet the common denominator is light.

Bright light versus dim. Light is there showing us who we are, allowing us to shine or to fade. It doesn’t care. You have the ability to be anything you want regardless of the brightness or dimness of the light. No matter what we display in the brightness or the shadow, we are that.

We claim both realms and love both realms. Without this dichotomy we are false, one sided, lacking discernment and compassion. The dim light links us to those who are also in the shadows. It helps us understand their pain. It teaches us about comfort and softness.

Subtle light and shadows give us interesting perspectives, like the crumbs on the counter. Crumbs in the light, may lead to love in the dark. . .  but also love in the light.

Embrace the light in all its forms. What you don’t see in the brightness, will show up in the shadow.


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