Transition of dying

Mary. You are the brave, the challenger, the freed.

Transitioning from corporeal to ethereal ,

Like a hummingbird sipping the sun’s early light

Merging with the fiery rays, your soul took flight.

Time collapsed, Life erased, Space defaced.


Through the agitated ethers we seek you.

Pressing our noses upon the glass of illusion

Peering into the realms we don’t yet trust.

Yearning to follow, afraid to push through.

Retreating back to duality, that’s our cue,

To be here now

Celebrating you.

We are Grateful for the blessing of your friendship

For your example of love in action.

Your compassionate, delicate nature, and untiring inquiries about Spirit

Endeared us to you.

Your artistic gifts showered us with beauty.

You taught us how to perceive, how to see, how to Be

In harmony with the challenges of life.

Your mantra was always Love.

Love is the answer. Love is all there is.

Thank you for sharing your love.

Be released.

Be at peace.

~Rose Marie

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