Rose Marie

God’s grace takes us on a journey into blissful awareness.
An Awareness that begins with a simple act done in openness and gratitude.

Have you ever felt the soft legs of a butterfly walk upon your finger and know that as its wings flutter they create a breeze that is felt around the world?

Have you heard the shrill cry of a cicada and examined its crunchy carcass and marveled at its intricacies?

Have you felt the pained crying of a baby be instantly silenced as you embraced her tenderly with all the love in your heart?

Have you breathed in the essence of a puppy and felt its shivering joy?

Have you sat in stillness gazing upon a flower until you could actually see its petals move and open in wondrous beauty as it released its heavenly scent?

I have stared into the core of a single candle until its light blinded me.

I have listened to a piece of music until I became part of the instruments…
the strings on the harp, the keys on the piano being played – a rhythm that
melted my Soul to silence.

I have gazed deeply into the eyes of my beloved and gently stroked his face and hair and felt completely at ONE in his love.

I have looked into the face of my friends and family and felt my heart leap and known the presence of Spirit in their Souls.

I have felt love and appreciation grow, knowing that joy, delight, fear, and unworthiness are All from pure source energy…

All Gifts of Growth that create Bliss and union with GOD.

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